Founder & Trustees

Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng Executive Chairman, IOI Group

“What you get from society, give it back to society.”

That’s the basis of this Foundation since it was established in 1994. Every year, the IOI Group sets aside a certain percentage of the Group’s annual earnings towards the funding and operating costs of the Foundation. This means that the more profit IOI Group makes, the more resources the Foundation has in order to carry out its mission in reaching out to society and perform its social responsibilities.

It has been very encouraging that the Foundation‘s funds have increased year after year, and the Foundation’s activities have been extended continuously with more comprehensive coverage. This has been made possible with the full support and efforts made by the staff of IOI Group through the years.

Education is the foundation of nation building and paves the way out of poverty. There is an old Chinese saying: “If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree. If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.”

The Foundation has, in its early days, played its role in adhering to the spirit of this well-known saying by helping academically excellent students with poor family backgrounds to continue with their higher education. In recent years, this basic mission of the Foundation has been extended to assisting poor children from the rural areas to complete their primary and secondary education, to providing a better learning environment for those in need, as well as to lending a hand to help orphans, the elderly, mentally disabled and other vulnerable groups. In summary, the Foundation believes in the principle of “supporting and respecting thy elders, nurturing and nourishing thy juniors”, and do what we can to bring them joy, independence and fulfilment. I hope that more and more people will support the Foundation’s activities and carry on the torch of the Foundation for many more years to come.

Board of Trustees & Management

Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor
Chief Executive Officer, IOI Corporation Berhad
Tan Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui
Senior Independent Non-Executive Director, IOI Corporation Berhad
Datuk Tan Kim Leong @ Tan Chong
Independent Non-Executive Director, IOI Properties
Dato’ Dr Joseph Ong Ah Soon
Datin Joanne Wong
Executive Director, Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng