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Other Programmes
image School Adoption Programme

The School Adoption Programme launched in 2007 has given a conducive learning environment to six schools in the vicinity of IOI Group's oil palm estates in Sabah. We continue in supporting of the upgrade of their school buildings and facilities.

image Funding and Building of Schools - SJK (c) Ladang Harcroft

The funding and building of schools brought a momentous milestone in 2008 with the opening of SJK (c) Ladang Harcroft in our township, Bandar Puchong Jaya at a cost of RM7,000,000. The school consists of two four-storey blocks comprising 30 classrooms, a canteen, various sporting facilities and security features. The school is currently fully enrolled with 2,263 students and has been officially handed over to the Ministry of Education. IOI continues to support the school through the funding of new facilities and through their sports programmes.

image Partnership with HUMANA

Our partnership with HUMANA Learning Centres, run by Borneo Child Aid Society, Sabah provides primary education and care for children of our plantation foreign workers who are unable to enrol into national schools in Malaysia. Most of these children are deprived of basic education due to the lack of proper documentation. Yayasan TSLSC provides yearly school bags, socks and stationery items to over 2,000 children. The building and operating cost of over 22 HUMANA learning centres in Sabah is facilitated at a yearly cost of RM1.2m.

image Partnership with World Vision Malaysia

Since 2007, we have reached out to native groups through our partnership with World Vision Malaysia (WVM) in funding the Lawas Project. This Project aims to provide rural children of the ethnic Lumbawang region in Sarawak with curriculum infrastructure, raising competent native-speaking teachers as well as building a training and research centre for ethnic pre-school training.

To date, Yayasan TSLSC has granted more than RM88,000 in funds to the project.

image Sponsorship of The Star's NIE (Newspaper in Education)

Sponsorship of Star's NIE (Newspaper in Education).We have contributed RM50,000 towards the sponsorship of Step Up, an interactive pullout published by The Star Publications. This initiative caters to the linguistic needs of teachers and students in promoting the importance of the English language.