Our Journey

Being the charity arm of the IOI Group, many of the Group’s community activities and educational aid initiatives, philanthropic activities and support for talent are undertaken through this foundation. We focus our activities around the vicinities of our plantation and property projects throughout East and West Malaysia. We aspire to bring initiatives that will continue to impact the lives of the communities around us.

Yayasan TSLSC was founded in 1994, and has spent over years making an indelible impact on society, enriching lives through our educational, medical and community initiatives.

Since its inception, Yayasan TSLSC has disbursed more than RM 51 million to our core pillars.

The logo of Yayasan TSLSC embodies IOI's unwavering commitment to extend a heart of care and compassion to those in need, regardless of race or creed. Symbolic of an “angel” bringing comfort, it depicts Yayasan's role towards mankind. The colour blue, while reinforcing the Group's corporate identity, reflects IOI's spirit of energy and dynamism in reaching out to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Amounts Disbursed:

RM 39 million
Community Enrichment
RM14.3 million
Medical Assistance
RM 1.1 million
Social Enterprise
RM 528,344