Scholarship for Bachelor Degree

Fields of Study

Local university (public / private / foreign branch campus)


  • Engineering (Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical /Electronic/Instrumentation)
  • Food Science/Food Technology/Chemistry
  • Risk Management/Accountancy/Finance/Data Science
  • Agriculture

Scholarship recipients will be required to serve the IOI Group upon graduation at various locations in Malaysia. The bond period will depend on the amount of the scholarship.

Requirements For Eligibility

Undergraduate Academic Requirements:
  • Obtained the following minimum pre-university results:
    • STPM/A Level - minimum 2As
    • Unified Examination of Chinese Schools (UEC-SM3)
    • Foundation - CGPA of minimum 3.5
    • Australian TER - minimum 90.0
    • First/Second year undergraduates must have a current CGPA of at least 3.3, Upper Second-Class Honours or equivalent.
  • Possess outstanding co-curricular achievements and leadership qualities.
  • willing to serve an employment bond with IOI Group for a specified period upon successful completion of studies.
  • Must not be receiving any form of scholarships from other organisations and be free of any future employment obligations.
  • Those currently pursuing Foundation studies and Pre-Degree Programmes are not eligible to apply.

Opening date : 01 April 2024
Closing date : 30 June 2024


Academic fees and living expenses